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I know that most skin isn’t able to heal its self like it should. Even when we do our best to eat well and take supplements - the vitamins and micronutrients end up going to other areas of the body and never make it to our outer layers of skin. This results in our cells lacking the necessary components they require in order to heal the damage already done, plus the new damage that’s building up every day.

When your life is filled with more stress than you like and feeling like you have to be “ON” 24/7, this causes our cells internal environment to be out of whack, so we end up not healing as well as we should and that creates skin that leaves behind signs of past damage.

To create the ULTIMATE SKIN HEALER for past damage, I've taken my proven oxygen facial which has quite the reputation for breathing new life into your skin, by counteracting the negative effects of stress, poor diet and compromised air quality.

When you lack vitamins and trace minerals for your skin this equals skin that’s won’t heal and looks lackluster + dehydrated which my MIRACLE INFUSION neutralizes by feeding the skin with high doses of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Now you can experience my super skin healer out of the office with MIRACLE INFUSION – You get a professional OXYGEN TREATMENT without the wait or cost of getting a facial appointment.

This specialty treatment would normally cost you $450 with me, but for way less you can experience the benefits of the skin healing treatment in anywhere in the world. Now with MIRACLE INFUSION, everyone can begin to improve their complexion and stimulate healing on a cellular level without booking a facial with me. My proven specialty INFUSION works overnight when your body is optimized to target healing so you can see results beginning the very next day. And the best part? There is no irritation and zero downtime. Just insanely beautiful skin.

Like a FACIAL-IN-A-BOTTLE, MIRACLE INFUSION delivers the perfect dose of healing elements and organic oils to balance and revive your complexion. Every time you use it, you skin feels and look like it just had a breathe of fresh air. MIRACLE INFUSION is so easy to use - it wears like an oil and provides everything your cells require to quickly to heal and be able to wage war on past damage done.




RESVERATROL - Known as the longevity molecule, resveratrol has been recognized for its powerful antioxidant, healing and anti-aging properties which include strengthening skin’s natural antioxidant defense system to help neutralize free radicals that damage our skin.

VITAMIN - Retinol is a form of vitamin A (retinoic acid) that is clinically proven to help improve the appearance of aging skin or damaged skin. Retinol helps fight the signs of bad looking skin and improves the look of sun damaged skin so you can wake up to skin that looks brighter and less congested.

VITAMIN C - Our highly potent form of pure vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals and protect against oxidative stress while providing visible anti-aging benefits. High doses of this critical antioxidant recharge your skin overnight, so it can be stronger and better able to defend itself against daily lifestyle damage

VITAMIN E - this pure form of vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and replenishes skin lipids and has been proven to act synergistically with vitamin C.

CO Q10 - Coenzyme Q10 is found in abundance in young skin but the amount decreases as we get older. Adding high amounts of COQ10 provides cells with energy to build and repair your skin. This superior antioxidant that provides cells with energy, much like cars needs gas.

ROSE HIP OIL - Naturally rich in Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6, and 9 to visibly plump skin. Rose Hip is also high in a natural form of Vitamin A, that converts to Retinol making it a natural choice for brightening and evening the appearance of skin tone. 

MEADOWFOAM OIL - Known for forming a natural protective barrier to lock moisture into the skin. Overtime helps skin become softer and feel more moisturized.


MIRACLE INFUSION got its name because of the multiple ways you this product would heal the skin! 

The magic of this product is in the formula. This treatment has two main benefits: skin is detoxified and cellular metabolisms kicked up a notch. resuscitating a drab complexion with a mighty jolt of radiance, clarity and smoothness.

Because there is no better feeling than realizing your new favorite beauty product has more than one use, I developed MIRACLE INFUSION to be used three different ways. 

Here are my favorite ways to use MIRACLE INFUSION.


Use two nights back to back after MIRACLE FACIAL, for CRISIS MANAGEMENT. One overnight treatment will calm sensitive skin, reactive skin. 


Use once per week after MIRACLE FACIAL, for DAMAGE CONTROL. One overnight treatment per week will balance the skin and help skin repair past damage.


Use as a 10 treatment series for the ULTIMATE SKIN FIX. In ten weekly treatments with MIRACLE FACIAL + INFUSION can help you skin heal faster and reduce acne scars, dark spots and stubborn acne quicker.


A friend of mine told me to try MIRACLE FACIAL for my scarring. I started on a MINI MIRACLE FACIAL first and the results were so good, I went back and got more plus MIRACLE INFUSION. As soon as I started using both together my skin started clearing up so much quicker, the redness is my face when down and my old scarring started going away. I noticed a huge difference on the first day. I love retinol and thing the results of these two together are amazing. Whenever I use this, I wake up looking amazing!"   Stella, Model


WITHIN MINUTES the complexion is calmed and glowing. WITHIN DAYS the skin becomes more stronger and more radiant. WITHIN WEEKS increases the skin's ability to heal and visibly calm redness, irritation and other signs of inflammation.