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As a facialist to top models and celebrities, I'm all about simple routines and solutions that actually work. Today's life with late nights, poor diets and lack of good sleep, combined with stress create the perfect recipe for bad skin.

To create the ULTIMATE SKIN FIX for stress related breakouts and loss of radiance, I've taken my proven acne-fighting and glow inducing peel out of the office and put it into your hands with MIRACLE FACIAL – You get a professional lactic and salicylic peel without the wait or cost of getting a facial appointment.

This specialty peel would normally cost you $150 with me, but for way less you can experience the best peel in the world at home or on the go. Many of my clients travel frequently and are on location and it can be hard to find someone who you trust to work on your skin. After all, how many of you get facials and see no results after the treatment? Now with MIRACLE FACIAL, everyone can begin to improve their complexion and achieve clear and radiant skin. My proven specialty peel works in as little as five minutes so you can see results when you need them the most. And the best part? There is no irritation and zero downtime.

Like a FACIAL-IN-A-BOTTLE, MIRACLE FACIAL delivers the perfect dose of acids and organic oils to clarify skin and restore radiance. Every time you use it, you're dramatically improving the condition of your skin so it looks better and better with each use. MIRACLE FACIAL is so easy to use - it wears like an oil and works like an eraser. Apply just like your favorite mask and rinse off after a 10-30 minutes.




MIRACLE FACIAL got its name because of the multiple ways you could use this single product! 

The magic of this product is in the formula. I wanted to layer the ingredient technology so that it would be the ultimate multitasker. It took me over five years to develop a formula that would live up to it's name. After countless trials, errors and sleepless nights, I created a single formula that could work for all skin types and all ages.

Because there is no better feeling than realizing your new favorite beauty product has more than one use, I developed MIRACLE FACIAL to be used three different ways. 

Here are my three favorite ways to use MIRACLE FACIAL.


Use as a spot-treatment for CRISIS MANAGEMENT. One 30-60 minute treatment will clear any breakouts that show up during high stress times. 


Use as a weekly-peel for DAMAGE CONTROL. One 10-30 minute session will prevent the occasional breakout.


Use as a 10 treatment series for the ULTIMATE SKIN FIX. In ten weekly treatments you can reduce acne scars, dark spots and stubborn acne.