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I purchased this mask to help with a few under the skin bumps that had been popping up on my forehead and chin. I was traveling a lot and this mask has done everything I needed for my skin. The mask really cleaned up the pores on my nose and stopped my breakouts. I love this product!

Sam, 19 Model




Buy this. You need it! It is the best facemask ever, it helps to calm down your skin and clear it. Works so amazing!

Kristin, 29 Model


Years ago, I relocated from New York to Los Angeles for modeling and for the first 3 months my skin was a wreck. It's typically oily and prone to hormonal breakouts but those months it was beyond bad. I avoided facials in the past because they tended just to leave my skin worse but I had a Lauren Young London facial and she used the professional version of this mask and sent me home with a sample. I used it for the first week and my skin cleared right up. It was the answer to my prayers! I'm now on my fourth bottle. It's gentle for sensitive skin and is worth the money.

Jessica 22, Model and Actress


Such a great product and even better results. Fixes bad hormonal breakouts.

Kate,25 Model


I use this as a full mask once a week as a preventive measure against any pimples and blackheads that may be brewing beneath the surface of my skin. What makes this product so great for me especially is that when I do use it all over, I’m not desperately reaching for my moisturizer or a sheet mask to put back the hydration and moisture in my skin. It’s been a little over two weeks and my skin is so clear and bright that I’ve even toned down the amount of makeup I wear to work and during the day. I no longer need to reach for my foundation and powder to rescue my tired and lackluster skin because it’s already been saved!! I will definitely purchase this product again – it’s worth it!

Melissa, 35 Actress



This mask is great! It leaves my skin super smooth and it feels purified. It also makes my pores so so so small, which I love!

Lucy, 29 Model


At 40, this is what I have been waiting for! Everyone needs to go out a buy this stuff. This super mask does so much in one treatment that I only need one product now instead of five. Plus, I'm getting carded again and I know it's because of this product.  This powerful treatment does so much more than purify and clear away pores. My sun damage is erasing and my skin has never been so soft. My skin is starting to look like it did in my 20s. My only recommendation - use the bottle all the way down to your chest. I starting seeing so much improvement that I wish I had also did my arms too. Loving the results. 

Ava, 40 Model


I’ve never had acne prone skin or large pores, but when my skin does want to act up, I reach for this.

After just ONE use, I noticed a considerable difference in the size and redness of a pimple that was on my face!

Liz, 23 Actress 


This is by far the best cleansing mask I've ever used. I stopped wearing makeup and weekly preps with this keep my skin clear year round now.  

Lindsay 31, Model